Watch out for Pet Scams!

Posted on October 17, 2016


Despite the fact we are helping people find a new family member or rehoming a loving pet that can no longer be looked after we have people out there who want to rip you off.

We here at Pet Adoption and Sales have put many systems in place to try and stop scammers from putting up listings that are solely designed to remove you from your hard earned money. We find it deplorable and want it to stop.

Unfortunately with all our vigilance and all our systems in place some scammers manage to get through. So we have put together some basic rules for those thinking about buying a new pet and what you should do to remain safe.


People trying to scam you will put up the nicest images of pets just to draw you in.


Pet Scam red flags to look out for:

  • The seller wants you to contact them direct rather than through the Pet Sales and Adoption website
  • When you ask to see the pet some complication arises so that you can’t
  • Sellers asking for a deposit
  • The seller does not have a local phone number


What you should do to remain safe:

  • Never pay for a pet unless you have physically seen it
  • Arrange for pickup and payment at the same time
  • Never give any bank or credit card details out over the phone or via email
  • It is always best to take a friend with you when visiting someone about a pet


Buying or Adopting a new pet should be a positive, amazing experience but we need to be vigilant!


Lets stop the scammers in their tracks and follow these simple rules.


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